Thursday, December 9, 2010

So many Channels & Nothing to watch!

I rarely watch TV, but Thursday is my night.  BUT, this is on..Sorry Oprah and Barbara Wa Wa,

but I would much rather see
repeat or not.  I love me some McSteamy!

Followed by Private Practice because although Taye Diggs is not the best actor, he is pretty sexy.  But maybe not as sexy asShemar Moore from Criminal Minds.

I will enjoy watching
Bachelor Brad in January instead of my hubby's new redneck find

Hillbilly Handfishing other wise known as noodling for catfish!  I am so thankful for multiple TVs and my DVR!
Happy Almost Friday!  I can wait another night to catch up on my shows, because tonight it is early to bed after a nice Wine and Dine with the girls!

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  1. Ohh McSteamy. I am missing you tonight. And HELLOOOOO Shemar Moore. Where have you been hiding all my life?!? : )