Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Redneck Christmas

Sorry about all the late Christmas postings, but we've been at the lake/deer lease and lets just say the Internet doesn't really like to load pictures/blogs all that much in the boondocks.  It is nice to escape technology ever once in a while. 

Maddie four wheeling with her Daddy. 

There are actually more toys in the barn, but this was all we needed to play chase!
 My dad is a BIG hunter.  My husband is now a BIG hunter since he married me (the son my father never had).  Now, my son is wanting to be a BIG hunter.  Mom, Maddox and I are LITTLE hunters.  So here are some pics of our visit to the lake/deer lease and our redneck toys.

This is how I feel about waiting for 3 hours in a deer blind.

Hunting is about patience.  I don't have any.  They put all us girls in one itty bitty blind.  Dad and Jaxx went to the other end to sit in another blind and Shannon went to camp out in a tree.  I took a book and Maddie had her DVD player and headphones.  Mom took her DS.  Maddox did really well with the quiet part for about 30 minutes.  Someone on property close to ours got a new machine gun and unloaded about 500 rounds.  We don't know if it was the machine gun or Maddox, but we didn't see ANYTHING this day! 

Jaxxon got a new 22 rifle and wounded some rocks and cacti.    

Shannon, Jaxx and I waited for the feeders to go off and actually saw three does and someone's pet cat out catching birds.  Jaxx was soooo excited.  Almost as excited as the first night when they went hog hunting and his PawPaw got a hog.  We turn most of the hog meat into sausage.  Jaxxon LOVES deer jerky.    I'm pretty picky about what kind of wild game I eat...we were poor growing up and I my dad hunted to put food on the table.  Now, we are still responsible hunters, but I don't have to worry about starving.  

I leave you with a shot of my BIG hunters.  I love these boys!  Do you or anyone in your family enjoy hunting?

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