Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday! Wine Shopping TGIF

Although my day at school was CRAPPY, CRAZY & was a FANTABULOUS day because today is my Grandmother's 84th Birthday.  She is the most wonderfully, amazing woman I know, and everyday with her is a blessing.  My kids call her Bea and she is the reason they have such great vocabularies.  She is the BEST story reader/teller in the world.  Bea spent St. Patrick's Day in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery.  She bounced back very quickly and was home moving around in less than a week.  We took a 9 day, 3000 plus mile trip to Glacier this past summer.  Bea has a passion for history and traveling.  So to celebrate this glorious day, we headed out to eat Mexican food.  Happy Birthday Bea! 

Side note:  I made it by Sam's Club to get 3 bottles of the most wonderfully cheap wine as recommended by Tayler!

I really wanted to purchase a pallet case of the wine, but I was afraid they would accuse me of being a wineaholic bootlegging!  I think no one will notice if I buy 3 bottles a day until I have a nice stash!

Peace & Blessings


  1. That wine was tasty! Glad you finished your day out on a better note! 5 days then were off for 2 whole weeks! yesss.

  2. So happy you enjoyed the CHEAP-O Wine! There will be more wine and dine nights. I found the website so we can buy in bulk over the internet and not be judged! :o)