Monday, December 13, 2010

Frozen Noses & Being Accountable

Saturday morning was a beautiful day for running, but silly me chose to rearrange my bedroom instead.  So, when I got a text from Tayler saying she was hitting the hills at 8am Sunday morning, I knew I had to make myself join the fun.  It was around 24 degrees and I don't care to know the windchill.  I ran 4.5 at a 9:38 pace.

Before my injury, I had told myself I wouldn't run less than 5 miles and would do at least one long run a week.  So, I am starting my New Year's resolution early!  No work next week equals more running time for me.  No excuses.  AND, I'm heading back to the gym or P90x.  Watch out Zach's Club, you haven't seen this girl in a long time!  Body Pump - I'm ready to feel the burn.  Don't worry Kerry, I promise to do my stretches so I don't have to spend my afternoons with you and all the teeny boppers.  I might even do something really crazy like sign up for another half marathon.  I'm working on my running goals for 2011.  Any suggestions?  Austin 3M in January, Austin Livestrong in February, RnR Dallas in March, Big D in April?  Dave says I gotta get this in the budget! 


  1. If it weren't for you and Tayler, there's no way I would have been out running that morning. Thank goodness for you two!
    I'm heading back to the gym, too. I have to start cross training again so I don't get burned out on running.

  2. Yay for more running next week wahoo!! I can't believe you ran in that are my hero!