Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Things No One Should Wear. EVER

According to TLC....

10 Things No One Should Wear. Ever.

10.    Mom jeans
9.      crocs
8.      very low, low rise jean
7.      matchy-match ensemble
6.      real fur
5.      anything that requires batteries (save that Christmas sweater for the Ugly Sweater Party)
4.      Leggings as pants
3.      Trucker hats
2.      Short, Short, Short Jorts "jean shorts:" - No guy should ever wear short jean cutoffs.
1.      Uggs in the summer (Baron would be so proud!)

Enjoy the last Fashionista Friday of 2010!  Now, go clean out your closets!


  1. Say what! Crocks are great! They have built in air conditioning holes you can decorate with plug in jewelry!! What? That's not cool?!?!? hehe! :)


  2. Amen to the men in demin shorts. I actually broke up with a boy (long story) over a pair of them.