Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Austin Livestrong Half Marathon

Tayler and I left early Saturday morning and drove to Austin.  We met up with my friend Donna and headed to the expo to get our packets.  Donna is a local girl and got us in and out of the expo quickly.  My favorite socks were buy 2 get 1 free, so I grabbed three new pair.  We passed on some $16 tempos because the line was long and our stomachs were growling. 

Carb loading

We snacked in the car on the way and never really ate lunch.  Great prerun fueling.  We had an early dinner at Saltgrass Steak House.  Tayler and I are great examples of what not to do the day before a race!

At the hotel we got our gear ready and put our chrono tags on our shoes.  I think laying out your clothes and gear early in the evening is so important.  I even double checked my snack bag to make sure I was good for breakfast. 

On Sunday morning, Donna met us at our hotel and we followed her to downtown Austin.  The interstate was clear, but it took us twice as long to find a parking spot. 
The blur is the Capitol building from the interstate
We had plenty of time to find the porta potties, stretch and get our spot in line. 
I wore my spibelt so I could take pics along the way.  That didn't work out so well.  Here is the only pic I took during the race. 
Hill at mile 12 - YUCK! I took this about half way up. 
I knew the course was going to be tough.  Lots of uphill.  I was anxious because of my knee/leg pain. My leg pain and the weather the last few weeks killed my training.  I had in my mind that anything below a 2:10 would be good for me.  The pain started earlier than usual, around mile 3.  At times I thought I should stop or my bone was going to be poking through and then other times it didn't bother me at all.  It was a tough course.  Way harder than anything I have experienced.  The last hill of the San Antonio RnR was nothing compared to this course.  Unofficial chip time: 2:12:18  My Garmin Results if you want to see the elevation chart and how inconsistent my splits were.  It was still a new PR for me so I can't complain.  My stomach was pretty upset after the race and it was hard for me to eat lunch.  We showered and headed to the San Marcos Outlet Mall for our post run shopping.  After dinner we spent an hour in the hot tub and got ourselves to bed!  I can't wait to show you what I bought!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashionista Friday - BLING GIVEAWAY

Well kiddos, it has been a cRaZy week.  I usually love my busy life, but I would have been ok with a little PEACE this week.  My daughter got her hair ripped out by the treadmill and she now has an old man comb over.  Thank goodness we can hide it with the rest of her hair.  I know you are dying to nominate me for Mom of the Year.  I am so deserving. 

Tayler and I are headed to the Hill Country in the morning.  My friend Donna is going to join us in running the Livestrong Half Marathon on Sunday.  We will also be doing some outlet mall shopping.  A little running, a lot of little shopping, a big steak, a hot tub and some wine.  No men, no kids, no dogs.  I can't wait to share my pics with everyone when we get back!

Now for the FASHIONISTA part of my post.  FREE JEWELRY!  I will be giving away two soldered art pendants with ribbon necklaces.  One says "beach girl" and the other says "yoga girl".

To enter
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2.  Tell me if you are a "yoga girl" or a "beach girl" (1comment)
3.  Share this giveaway on your blog (1 comment)

 Winners will be chosen randomly by my kiddos and announced on Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sums up my week in one word.  I did survive spin on Tuesday without my knee hurting.  Yesterday, Tayler and I ran at the park.  I stopped at a little over 5.5 because I was feeling that oh so familiar pain. 
Even my hair looks like a whirlwind!

Friday was a zoo because it was party day at school.  My MIL picked up the kids after school and took them for the evening.  Unexpected DATE NIGHT!    We got "dressed up" and then ended up eating at Jason's Deli.  Then we went shopping at Academy.  I debated over some new tempos and a foam roller.  I talked myself out of buying anything except GU. 

Last night we had Girl's Night at Beth's house which is really just an excuse to pig out on junk food.  There may have been wine involved, too.  We stopped at Academy on the way and Tayler bought herself new tempos for the race we are running in a week.  Once again, I couldn't decide.  I don't really need new shorts.  I don't really need to spend the money.  I walked out empty handed.  I realized two things last night while hanging out with the girls.  One, I am blessed to have such great friends.  Two, I am getting OLD.  I could have easily gone to bed at 8 pm last night. 

My husband and I aren't really holiday gift givers when it comes to each other.  More like random acts of giving or buying something for the house.  I don't care for heart shaped jewelry, boxes of chocolate, and stuffed bears.  He has been teasing me all week about buying me tacky heart shaped jewelry.  Today, I told him he could buy me new running clothes.  So we set off for Academy.  Three days.  Three trips.  The hubby is not much for shopping, but he could spend hours in Academy so he didn't complain about just being there on Friday.  I walked out with two pairs of shorts and one shirt.  I should buy stock in Nike. 

How often do you buy a new running outfit?
Every few months.  In the summer, I live in running shorts.  New running clothes usually motivate me to run.  Or maybe it is just an excuse.  Either way, I need to clean out my dresser. 

Do you wear the same thing for every race? 
 Any superstitions?
When I played competitive sports, I had a few things that I would always do the exact same way.   I am still competitive but just with myself.  So, I don't worry about making sure I have my lucky "underwear".  I just want to enjoy the run.  If that means new tempos, then SWEET!

My Valentine's present!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yes those are frozen green beans tied to my knee with one of Maddie's baby blankets.  Redneck.  I know.
Yesterday, the temperatures finally got above freezing.  We headed out to the park for a 10 miler.  The wind was pesky but it was nice to finally be outside running.  After 5 we stopped back at the car for a drink and GU.  Tayler read that taking a GU every 45 minutes really does help.  I had been feeling some tightness in my calf and it band area.  Unfortunately, the tightness turned to pain.  A way too familiar pain.  I stopped and stretched again.  Finally at 6.17 I surrendered to the pain.  I am praying that I stopped soon enough.  I want to be running in Austin in two weeks, not getting MRIs and doing weeks of PT. AGAIN. I can walk today but not pain free.  BUMMED.  My pace was really good yesterday, like new PR good.  I felt good.  The pain seems to come out of nowhere.  I hobbled around afterwards, iced and stretched.  The minute I got home from church this morning I changed back into pajamas.  I am going to rest, ice and finally catch up with my DVR.  We have been missing each other. 

Do you have big Superbowl plans?  Who are you cheering for?

I think I am going to skip out on the party this year and enjoy Taco Soup in my pjs.  Cheering for the Packers since they have a former Red Raider on the team and I really want them to win without Farve.   

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashionista Friday BLINGIN' Favorites

I promised a couple of my loyal followers that I wouldn't be a slacker today, so here is a
 BLINGIN' addition of Fashionista Friday.

SWEATY BANDS - Last night Tayler wore her metallic pink sweaty band and it DID NOT MOVE.  The link or the icon on the side of my blog gets you 5% off.  I know it isn't much, but every little bit counts.

Although, these socks do not sparkle, they come in a variety of colors.  Experia by Thorlo.  They are my favorite running socks.  I have bought them at a local store, online and at a race expo.
I also ordered a Road ID bracelet.  It should be coming in the mail any day. 
They gave me a coupon code to share!  Coupon Number: ThanksCrystal2937039

This last favorite is Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion from Bath and Body Works. 
They only carry it during Christmas time and I always stock up. 

  Now, go give love to Chris K.  He will be BQing this weekend!  I don't follow many "guy" blogs, but his is always good for a laugh.  Chris has inspired me to be serious about marathon training.

For those of you who were worried, Danielle is still my real life friend. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Cha!

Although the snowfall is pretty weak, the temperatures have been in the single digits for days with windchills below zero.  School was canceled on Tuesday.  The last 2 days have been delayed.  School is back to normal tomorrow.  There is something about these bitterly cold days that just make me want to curl up in my pjs and eat Girl Scout Cookies all day.  I am sooooo ready for summer on sooooo many levels!

Tayler and I have only 17 days until Austin.  We need at least one more long run to make me feel comfortable about going the distance.  Although it was a balmy 18 degrees at 4 pm, we chose NOT to brave the outdoors and went to spin.  Imagine our beautiful faces here. I can't get my pics to load.
New instructor.  WoW!  I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow.  Or sit.  Or stand.  He really pushed us and I am sure it made up for the seven miles we were suppose to run.  Not only did we did we get in an awesome workout,  we may have found a guy for our friend Danielle.  SWEET!  Next time I promise to have the courage to ask him if I can take his pic!  Just imagine Clark Kent/Superman.  Danielle decided NOT to join our gym and is currently sporting a nonfashionable boot on her foot.  So, it will be a while before these two have the chance to meet.  Tayler and I have BIG plans once Danielle snags a man or lets one snag her!  So if you know anyone who likes tall beautiful redheads, send them to stalk Danielle's BLOG!  I hope we are still "real life" friends tomorrow!  I leave you with a pic of her What Not to Wear debut.
Velcro...and you thought it was only for toddlers and old men

Have you ever been "set up" by your friends? 
Several times, most unsuccessful...but the last one was about 15 years ago and we now share the same last name.