Friday, December 31, 2010

Fashionista Friday & 2011 Goal Setting

It's official.  I'm old and BORING.  Hubby left this morning around 5 with my dad to do some hunting.  No telling when those boys will make it home.  My living room is covered with every doll and stuffed animal imaginable.  I got the girls for a sleepover.  Cindi had the boys which means her living room is probably scattered with nerf bullets.  I've been cleaning out drawers and closets like a mad woman.  No party for me.  Hopefully a date with a book, my pjs, bed and maybe a glass of wine. 

The GOOD news is that I'm going into 2011 with a fresh cut and highlights!  Bow chicka wow wow!  No roots glaring at me in the mirror. 

Yesterday's Run - Windy & Hills - Not my favorite combo.  I was suppose to run one hour but cheated and only ran 5 miles.  LOSER.  I don't know my official mileage for 2010.  I didn't get my Garmin until the end of July, and I didn't bother writing anything down before.  Clearly in 2010 I was not a serious runner.  I started using that daily mile counter so I can keep an accurate count even if I do something silly like forget my Garmin. 

GOALS for 2011 (Serious running goals!)

1. Run 1000 miles
2. Run at least one race a month (even if my only choice is a local 5K)
3. Cut back on the Sweet Tea (believe me this is connected to running!)

All this because I love my Seven for all Mankind, Big Star and BKE jeans and I don't want to have to buy:
Pajama jean - a definite what not to wear.  I bet Clinton and Stacy want to scream every time they see that commercial.  2011 is for buying a smaller size in trendy "mom" jeans not a bootcut jegging.   

What are your goals for 2011?  Happy New Year! 

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