Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashionista Friday Cold Weather Must Haves

This morning I was soooo thankful that it was a rest day because the wind was blowing like crazy and the windchill temp was in the 20s.  I'm pretty sure the wind would have laughed at my North Face gear.  Check out my rules if you decide to be a Cold Weather Fool like me.

Rule #1:  Layer, Layer, Layer - starting with a good sports bra of course!  Then I add a short sleeve technical tee, then a long sleeve technical tee.  If the weather is in the 40s or 50s this is probably enough.  If it is in the 30s, I add a light weight jacket or pullover such as

Thanks, Mom!

The black one is a full zip with a hood and the cool little thumb holes!
I love North Face products, but they are so expensive.  I think they do a great job of giving you something that is really warm without the bulk.  Lucky me, my mom buys me at least one new North Face something every year.  I have a few other fleece half zips that I also wear, but they are my fav.  Tayler loves her Nike fleece lined top and running bottoms.  Our Academy has them but I haven't forked out the dough just yet....I'm waiting to see if there is an Academy gift card in my stocking.  

Remember, you can always strip away the layers as you go....just don't get carried away! 

Rule #2:  Something for your Ears and/or Noggin

Rule #3:  GLOVES - I stock up on the cheap gloves when old navy and target have them on sale.  In a race, I will usually chunk them if I get too hot because I don't want to carry them.  Otherwise on training runs, I just stuff them in a pocket or under the strap of my sports bra.  I'm classy like that.

Rule #4:  Kleenex - Once again, I will stuff them under the strap of my sports bra or on my wrist under my shirt.  My shirt is usually snug enough to hold the tissue and I never notice it.  I really hate to use my sleeve or glove, but I girls gotta do what it takes to combat snotcicles.  Carrying tissue also comes in handy if you have to use the porta potty according to my running buddy Linda! 

That's about all the wisdom  I have for this cold, blustery day in West Texas.  I will post after Christmas to brag about my loot and share our Christmas Eve traditions. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday Jesus! 


  1. I LOVE your new North Face Stuff!! I'm excited for you to get to try it out but I won't be disappointed if it isn't cold enough. : )

  2. Love the Northface with the thumb holes!