Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carol of Lights - Making Memories

I love Fridays.  I love that I have a weekend away from my classroom.  I love looking forward to eating out.  We are on the Dave Ramsey plan so Friday is usually our one day a week to indulge in such foolishness.  The best part of Friday is eating at 5 with the blue hairs and then being in my pjs by 6:30 and bed by 8!  BUT not this Friday....My hubby who has grown up on the South Plains has never managed to make it to the Carol of Lights on the beautiful campus of Texas Tech University and of course we have never ventured out on a cold Friday night with small children.  It was a balmy 80 degrees Friday and so the 52nd Annnual Carol of Lights would become the first for the family.  We arrived a little early and the kiddos ran around playing tag and trying to knock over anyone in their way.  Maddie doesn't believe in wearing anything that remotely resembles fall or winter wear.  The weather was perfect and the kids loved seeing Raider Red and the Masked Rider all aglow.  We did have a Santa spotting, but the kids didn't see any reason to waste their time visiting with him.  I mean he isn't the REAL Santa.  The REAL Santa is busy preparing for his deliveries, not making guest apperances!  Afterwards we stopped at SUBWAY.  There we discovered that my darling husband failed to get his debit card back from the ATM machine, I was purseless, the cash was at the house and they don't take discover.(sorry Dave we still have a cc but I promise it is always paid off!)  No worries, he quickly drove the short distance to the house to get my purse.  Jaxx knocked his meatball sub out in half the time!  Then I had great joy preparing for our garage sale.  Midnight is not my Friday night bedtime of choice!

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