Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold Weather Fools

Yesterday's Workout (suppose to be a rest day)
10 minutes on the StairMaster = .75 miles
20 minutes on that silly elliptical
15 minutes of weight training - arms only

Today's Workout
(Marathon Training Plan - 1 hour run)

So we ventured out to Mae Simmons and Mackenzie parks to relish in the beautiful weather.  NOT!  The thermometer in my car said 37 but the windchill was 30.  As I've said before, I do not like cold.  But I couldn't imagine spending one hour on the treadmill. 

A lovely overcast winter day in West Texas!  Who would not LOVE running here? 

According to my Garmin, my average pace was 9:47.  I'm ok with the pace.  I felt pretty good today.  I might even have felt GREAT if the temperature was 20 degrees warmer. 

Shannon from Philadelphia Phitness Pharmacy mentioned that she might get leg warmers to keep her legs warm with capris, instead of buying long running pants for the winter.  Being the fashionista I am, I just put my compression sleeves on with my capris.  For me it serves two purposes and I don't have to spend any more moolah.  SkinnyRunner talked about compression sleeves here.  I have a pair of the Zensah, but I am considering buying the CEP.  I'm actually old enough to have rocked the leg warmers when I was younger.  Too bad I didn't keep a pair.  It is obvious that Shannon has way more fashion sense than me!
I'll post more of my fabulous running fashion tips later.  Maybe I will start a Friday Fashionista post!

Christmas tonight with my parents before they escape to their lake house and deer lease for the rest of December.  I hate to brag like the spoiled only child I am, but your gonna be jealous of my loot.  To brag post or not?   


  1. Yall did awesome this morning. So sorry I missed yall! : )

    Go ahead and brag about it! I would..

  2. I have been thinking about the compression sleeves and capris - I may just do that!