Friday, October 21, 2011


Life is always full of craziness and some people just have more crazy than others!  After a wonderful vacation with the family to Disney World and all states along the way, my summer vacay came to a screeching halt.  We decided to move which meant finishing our remodel so we could sell our house.  I worked 12-14 hours every day for 2 weeks.  I don't care if I ever see paint or tile grout AGAIN! 

Then, I had to focus on getting my new classroom organized.  I am now teaching second grade at a small school south of where I live.  It is the same school my hubby grew up attending.  It has been WONDERFUL!  My mental health is worth the 8K pay cut I took.  I do miss my BHC girls, but I am a much happier person. 

I am dusting off my brooks and starting a new diet game called Game On!  There is a $50 bye in and if my team wins, we each walk away with $150.  You get points for drinking water, eating properly and exercising.  My plan is start back slow...couch potato to 5k, to keep from injuring myself again.  I usually eat pretty healthy but my love of sweet tea is about to put me in a new wardrobe.  I promise to keep you posted. 

Enjoy your weekend and GO RANGERS!

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  1. We miss you too, but I totally understand how the 8k paycut could be worth it. Sweet tea is killing me, too. I have to do something to get my flabby butt back (and gut) in shape.