Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Decisions, Decisions & Great Buys

For those of you new to the Game On Diet, you get one meal off a week and one whole day off each week!

I am struggling on when to take my meal off and day off.  I mean, do I really want to take my meal off Friday evening and all day Saturday?  Is that sabotaging my Monday morning weigh in?  Maybe my meal off should be in the middle of the week if my day off is on the weekend?  Then, another part of me is thinking I shouldn't really take a WHOLE day off. 

I took a mini York peppermint patty today and ate it about 2 pm.  It really hit the spot.  Now, I'm still full from my evening meal and am trying to decide if I really need to "spend" that other 50 calories. 

Food RE-Review

I bought the Oscar Mayer brand turkey bacon last night at Sam's  and it was very good this morning.  I just heated it up in the microwave.  Maddox, my five year old, loved it!  It is a million times better than Jennie O.  Don't waste your money!  My sister-in-law said the Butterball brand is also good. 

Another great find at Sam's was the Chobani brand Greek Yogurt.  They have a 12 pack for a little under $12.  It has strawberry, peach and blueberry.

I also picked up some little Babybel cheese.  Jaxxon, my son, loves these.  I thought about the laughing cow, and passed.  Lyneil said she would go pick some up and we could share.  We decided it would be pretty tasty on the Triscuits she found. 

The Rangers' World Series game was delayed due to rain in St. Louis, so I am going to enjoy my extra sleep!  Keep drinking the water! 

Stealing a line from Jim at 50 after 40
Be Great Today!

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