Friday, April 8, 2011

One Big Headache

In November, I had a week long headache.  I was little concerned because I'm just not the type to get headaches.  I got another one 2 weeks ago and I still have it.  I finally contacted my doctor and they want me to keep a headache diary for one month and then they will evaluate my diary and see if they can help.  I have to record:
  •  what I eat,
  • how much sleep I get,
  • what I was doing before the headache started,
  • how long it lasted,
  • what I did to make it stop
Possible current causes:  STRESS, my lovely braces/TMJ/severe overbite, my eyes/vision, allergies or a wonderful combination of all of the above. 

I remembered that it had been a while since I changed out my contacts, so I put fresh ones in Wednesday.  I can't do much about the STRESS in my life (my hubby is narrow minded and won't let me quit my job - something about needing to pay bills) or my braces so I guess we will see what my diary discovers. 
I so suck at such things. I can't even remember to take vitamins daily. 

I wish I was headed to Dallas to run the Big D.  Tayler and I talked ourselves out of it.  Enjoy it TARA!  You will do great!  You can have honorary membership in the BHC! 


  1. Thanks Crystal!! That would have been so fun to see you!!

  2. I get headaches from sitting in my horrible chair at work. Starts as knots in my muscles. Not many things worse than a headache.

  3. oh i feel for ya girl... headaches are the worst. i just found your blog and i'm loving it!