Sunday, October 23, 2011

Get Your GAME ON!

Game On Diet...a way to kick your friends' butts while shrinking your own!  I am a competitive person, so I think I will enjoy the Game On Diet.  It is not really a diet in my mind.  The restrictions on food are minimal.  I am playing against family and friends, and there is money on the line.  I think this is just the motivation I need to get my running jump started, again. 

Here is a breakdown of the Game On Diet:

Meals - 5 a day made up of the following: a fist of carbs or fruit, a palm of protein, and a thumb sized portion of fat.  Two of the meals must also contain two fists of veggies.

Water - 3 liters a day....I'm a teacher with no potty break for 4 hours....I see this being a problem.

Exercise - 20 minutes a day

Sleep - Must get 7 hours of sleep

Create a new good habit and break/lessen an old bad habit....aren't I already?  I mean, I have to give up my beloved sweet tea and diet dp :(  My new habit is getting back to blogging to track my progress, share menus and recipes and to motivate others toward healthy lifestyle choices.  My old bad habit I am breaking is making sure I wash my face properly every night before bed. 

Communicate with members of your own team and opposing team daily aka TRASH TALK

BONUS!!!  You get 100 free calories a day, one meal off and one day off each week.  Also, you get bonus points for losing 1% of your body weight.

The game runs for 4 weeks.  There are also penalties that I will save for another day.

My plan for DAY ONE

Breakfast (Meal 1 @ home before school)
oatmeal w/ pecans (carb, fat)
turkey bacon (protein) I cooked this already

Snack (Meal 2 while teaching ?)
2 lowfat cheese sticks (protein)
Honeycrisp apple slices (fruit)
walnuts (fat)

Lunch (Meal 3)
crock pot chicken w/ potatoes (protein/carb/veggie/fat) I will post the recipe tomorrow after I decide if this is worth sharing.  This also contains chicken stock which will take about 15 of my free calories
steamed broccoli(veggie)

Snack (Meal 4 after school snack)
Greek yogurt (protein)
strawberries (fruit)
walnuts (fat)

Dinner (Meal 5 with the fam)
Salad ( 2 fists of veggies including lettuce, baby spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers) with oil/balsamic dressing...I am trying a new Walden Farms dressing.  If you haven't heard of this brand it is gluten free, sugar free, calorie free, carb free, cholesterol free dressing.  Some flavors are really good and others not so much!)
Grilled Chicken
Small Potato or grapes?

My 100 calorie plan for today is either a 45 calorie weight watchers fudge bar or a mini york peppermint patty for 50 calories. 

I have a great recipe for a quiche I am sharing tomorrow....and hopefully the crock pot chicken and potatoes!


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