Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time for Change

I haven't managed to post or read many blogs this week.  SICK, TIRED and STRESSED.  After spin on Tuesday, I didn't work out again until yesterday.  Ran 5 miles with the girls at a 9:30 pace.  My legs felt like cement and were still a little sore from spinning.  

My hubby is gone hunting.  My kids are about to leave with their uncle.  I have a gazillion things to do like go grocery shopping and CLEAN.  Instead, I'm reading a magazine.  It says that 46% of women want to start a new career.  I'm not a math teacher but I know that is almost half.  WOW.

I think my job is giving me an ulcer.  Time for Change?

1.  Current gig is not fulfilling
2.  Doesn't make enough money
3.  Wants to try something different

When the students actually learn it is VERY fulfilling.  It is hard teaching to the current generation.  Who can compete with TV, Nintendo, Xbox, youtube?  I am do I make the kids care? a desire to learn?  I feel like I'm living in the land of entitlement.  Instead of "What can you do for your country?"  It is "What can my country do for me?" 

Money?  Well, I would love more, but I won't complain.  9 months on, 3 months off.  Another career?  Maybe I can start fishing with SkinnyRunner?  I think she works more like 3 on, 9 off.  Maybe I don't need a new career, just a little change.  PhD?  So my friends can call me Dr. Zant?  Would teaching college be any different? 

Anyone teach in a "tough" school?  Do your students have a desire to learn?  


  1. You don't have to go back to school and spend the money for a PhD. I'll call you Dr. Zant anyway! : )

  2. I feel ya! I loved teaching, I loved my students, but I got so tired of always having to be "on" to compete for their attention (10 years of this). Every lesson had to be FUN or they would tune out or complain incessantly. It was discouraging, draining, and eventually, I had to take some time off from teaching. That's what freed me up to do this full time RV adventure with my hubbs.

    We are living on our savings, and it will FOR SURE run out. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the time away to recharge my batteries. I know most people can't do what we're doing. I really hope you find something to get you through this rough spot.

    Just want you to know, you're not alone!!

  3. I think it carries over at each level! I advise college students and they want the quickest, easiest way/answer. The majority rely heavily on one click or someone telling where to locate info. There are exceptions though!

    I hope this is just a lull in the year and the next few months get better. I bet you are touching many lives!

    I have often thought about teaching, but know there would frustrations!

    I hope your weekend revives you!

  4. I have a teaching degree (Elementary Ed), but through subbing (and leave replacements) I have realized I don't want to teach anymore! And the district I'm in is not even that tough, I just can't handle bratty kids :/
    My fiance teaches also and he is stressed from all the lesson planning.

    I'm still subbing, but also studying to get my personal training certification, it might be less pay, but I will be happy :D