Sunday, January 9, 2011

Am I Crazy Enough?

I been feeling a bit under the weather for a week now.  I won't do anything crazy like go to the doctor.  Who has time for that?  Yesterday was the worst.  Today I was feeling better and decided that I better take advantage of the 60 degree day and head outside for a run.  I decided to break in my new BROOKS Ravennas today.  My hubby and I have been buying brooks for about 15 years now.  They are my favorite!  I got a deal on these because they are so last year!  Orange is not my favorite color, but I decided to incorporate orange to be FUN...see my Friday Fashionista post if you missed it. 

please ignore the my gorgeous tan
Tayler and Danielle were over achievers and ran a 5 mile race yesterday.(according to our plan, it was REST day)  They averaged something like a 8:40 pace.  SMOKIN' 
Danielle & Tayler

Anyway, I was even too sick to go cheer them on.  Later, they were sweet enough to take Maddie Grace to the Texas Tech basketball game. Maddox had won tickets at school, but since her parents obviously don't love her enough, she had to sweet talk Danielle, Tayler and Beth into taking her.  Did I mention that I have some of the best friends in the whole wide world?  Maddox is a very strong willed child and not the easiest to spend an afternoon with.  My husband is sure the girls will decided not to have children.  We are all teachers, so they probably have already decided that anyway!

BLAH, BLAH...back to the run.  My training plan said 8 miles.  I decided that I would take my iPod since I would be running solo.  I've been having this problem with mile 2 lately.  I think it is because I try to keep with those speedy little running buddies of mine and I use all my energy in mile 1.  I decided that I would NOT be looking at my garmin.  With the music, I wouldn't know when I hit a mile (except that I run the same route, so I kinda know anyway) cause I wouldn't hear the little beep.  I was determined not to hit a wall on mile 2. 

Mile 1:  8:53  feeling good lovin' my tunes
Mile 2:  9:04  (SWEET) I've been dropping to 9:45-10 lately
Mile 3:  9:30 now, my wall is at 3?
Mile 4:  9:18 better
Mile 5:  9:28 feeling a bit tired at this point
Mile 6:  8:35 my stomach was hurting and I wanted to get home...didn't make a full 6

I decided not to go back out and finish...I'm not dedicated enough to risk the embarrassment of an accident. 

Pretty bummed about my stomach, but pretty pumped at my 9:14 average pace.  It is a new PR for me.  I tried to take a picture of my eye didn't show up and my hubby informed me that "It wasn't a good picture."  What??  Running over 5 miles in 47 minutes doesn't make me look like a beauty queen?  Who Knew?  Thanks honey.  The good thing about being married for over 13 years...he feels safe enough to be brutally honest or CrAzY enough to risk ???? 

Is your husband/boyfriend crazy enough to be honest with you about clothes, make-up, hair? 
Obviously, mine is.

So, am I cRaZy enough to set my sights on a marathon in April or May?  I think I will hold off on that decision until February. 

It gonna get cold on the South Plains this week, so my next run will probably be on the dreadmill.  Have a GREAT week!

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  1. Great pace! I love Brooks shoes. I wear the Adrenaline. Just gave you a Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog!