Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catch Your Magic Moment

Ran a little over SIX miles OUTSIDE in SHORTS
Average Pace: 9:07

I've been running with my iPod on all my solo runs lately.  It is very unlikely that you have heard of most of the songs on my running playlist.  One of my favorites is Right Now by VanHalen.  Yes, I know it tells my age.  Tayler & Danielle would say it is a "generation thing".  They like to take shots at me because I'm a decade older than them.  I love them anyway.  I know they are just jealous of my ability to run on my treadmill in my red high heels!

Or maybe it is because of my perfect children. 

Could be that I'm the lucky girl who has been sharing a bed with this guy for the last 14 years

Back to the real reason for my post.  I really need to love a song so that I can get so wrapped up in singing along (in my head) that I forget I'm pounding pavement.  My goal before the Livestrong Half Marathon next month is to add about 10 songs to my playlist.  I have itunes giftcards burning a hole in my pocket!  Please leave a comment with your favorite "running" songs. 


  1. Sexy Bitch or This is Why I'm Hot. hahaha. It pumps me up at the end of a run and reminds me of why I do it.

  2. Your Sex is on Fire by Kings of Leon!!! Whooo Whooo!!