Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday after school my third graders had to sell sno cones as part of their economics project.  Silly me wore a white shirt under my staff tshirt.  It is now polka dotted with coconut and strawberry syrup!  The kids really worked hard.  We sold almost 100 sno cones.  I am so proud of them.  My fabulous team members helped me the clean the MESS! 

Then we went to meet our friends at Logan's to celebrate Todd's pinning.  He is now an official EMPLOYED firefighter with LFD.  I had to miss his pinning, but that is good thing because I probably would have cried and embarrassed us all.  Todd was a bit hungry and decided to order this

20 ounce ribeye with fries and mac n cheese.  I am sure he had already consumed about 6 ounces before I could snap the picture.  The rest of us ordered "small steaks".  After watching him tear up that steak, I want to enter him into a food eating competition  It was a great dinner with good friends.

  Like my blogging, my running has been nonexistent this week.  On Tuesday, Tayler and I did hill repeats.  The weather is beautiful today and I needed to get some miles logged.   My kiddos wanted to go ride their bikes, so we loaded up and went to the park so I could run hills while kids road their bikes. 

The prairie dogs were running scared!

I know I should be cleaning or grading papers, but I think I might take nap, read my RW magazine, or go shopping. 
Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Awwww so cute! Glad your kids did such a good job!

  2. Thanks for your kinda words on my Blog. That steak is a monster....that would be 3 meals for me.

  3. You weren't kidding about that steak!! It's a montser!