Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snap back into reality...

Yesterday was my first "official" day back at work, but it was only a teacher work day.  Last night, I laid in bed having my pity party about having to go back to work.  If you didn't know, I'm a teacher.  Well, at least I get paid to attempt to try to beat some knowledge into the heads of little people to influence their lives in a positive way.  

As I watching the Bachelor, I realized how silly that show has become is and that it is not near as fun to watch without the girls, food and bottles glasses of wine.  If Brad would let me, I could narrow down his choices and save him a lot of time.  If you watched, you know that one has fangs, one is a Manscaper, the well the rest are just CRAZY.

Today, the kids came back in their new clothes and shoes and excited to brag to their friends about their Christmas.  It wasn't a bad day.  I've had much worse!  However, I got a power chain on my braces yesterday and my mouth really hurts, so I guess I will be forced to drink my supper.  Soup or Wine?  Both?

As soon as my kids were gone, I got rid of those uncomfortable grown up clothes and changed into my running gear.  Beth, Tayler and I headed to the park to tackle the hills.  We ran three miles of the "rolling hills" and then concentrated on one hill.  We ran up and walked down.  Four times?  I can feel the burn!  Buns of steel, here I come!...sometime that is....Tonight, STICK, here I come.  I will be rollin' with my STICK tonight. 

It's Running Tuesday in Skinny Runner land, so go BRAG about your first Tuesday run of 2011!  Only 992 more miles til I reach my goal for 2011!!!

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