Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peer Pressure - Sometimes it a Good Thing

This is week 3 of our Marathon Training program. Yes, I'm no SkinnyRunner.  I need a plan.  Today we were suppose to run 4 miles with 5 minutes of total uphill time.  Usually we go run at the park to get our hill work in, but it was SUPER DUPER FREEZING COLD today.  My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and I entertained the idea of the dreadmill for about a second.  SNOOZE.  It was 9 degrees with a windchill of ZERO, so a big NO to the outdoors.  SNOOZE. 

After school tutoring...still cold...dragging my booty home to run on the dreadmill.  Ring, Ring.  Tayler wants me to join her for a spin class at the gym.  The last time I did spin was about a year before my son was born and he is almost 8.  YIKES!  Have I mentioned how much I dislike the treadmill?  Tayler and Spin Class vs. Treadmill.  I chose spin.  OUCH!

Tayler and I are both inexperienced spinners, and even though we raise our hands to let the instructor know, she totally bypasses us.  Oh Well, I hope we got everything set correctly.  It must have been our professional workout clothes.  In fact, after class, the instructor asked how long we had be taking spin.  Was our lack of experience that obvious or did we totally rock? 

Sometimes peer pressure is good.    My booty is sore.  My hip flexors are sore.  Tomorrow will be worse.  BUT, It was fun and it was a good workout.  I didn't have to run on the treadmill.  I still like Tayler.  Tomorrow, I might be cursing her!  Sorry, no pictures.  We were so nervous we forgot the camera in the car.  Next time, you will get to see my RED face and Tayler's man sweat as she calls it!

How do you feel about spinning?  I have several friends that love it.  It was a great change for me.  Sometimes, I get stuck on just running.


  1. Thanks for following my blog!

    I have NEVER been a spin class! Someday I'll give it a whirl. It sounds like a great way to get a workout in when you to mix up the workout!

  2. We rocked Spin last night! Hope you don't hate me to much for the soreness! Maybe it can be a onec a week workout! :o)