Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Cha!

Although the snowfall is pretty weak, the temperatures have been in the single digits for days with windchills below zero.  School was canceled on Tuesday.  The last 2 days have been delayed.  School is back to normal tomorrow.  There is something about these bitterly cold days that just make me want to curl up in my pjs and eat Girl Scout Cookies all day.  I am sooooo ready for summer on sooooo many levels!

Tayler and I have only 17 days until Austin.  We need at least one more long run to make me feel comfortable about going the distance.  Although it was a balmy 18 degrees at 4 pm, we chose NOT to brave the outdoors and went to spin.  Imagine our beautiful faces here. I can't get my pics to load.
New instructor.  WoW!  I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow.  Or sit.  Or stand.  He really pushed us and I am sure it made up for the seven miles we were suppose to run.  Not only did we did we get in an awesome workout,  we may have found a guy for our friend Danielle.  SWEET!  Next time I promise to have the courage to ask him if I can take his pic!  Just imagine Clark Kent/Superman.  Danielle decided NOT to join our gym and is currently sporting a nonfashionable boot on her foot.  So, it will be a while before these two have the chance to meet.  Tayler and I have BIG plans once Danielle snags a man or lets one snag her!  So if you know anyone who likes tall beautiful redheads, send them to stalk Danielle's BLOG!  I hope we are still "real life" friends tomorrow!  I leave you with a pic of her What Not to Wear debut.
Velcro...and you thought it was only for toddlers and old men

Have you ever been "set up" by your friends? 
Several times, most unsuccessful...but the last one was about 15 years ago and we now share the same last name. 


  1. haaaaaaahahahhaa. you are a mess Crystal. You're right, I might not be talking to you tomorrow. I guess Karma is getting you since Private Practice didn't record for you.

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  3. Okay Crystal, I'm now follower number 12. I guess I'll join this crazy club.

  4. Every time I've tried to set up friends, it has gone horribly! I'll never do it again! But I hope it goes better for you guys. Spin is such a crazy intense workout, usually about 3 minutes in I'm thinking I'll pass out - good job making it through!