Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yes those are frozen green beans tied to my knee with one of Maddie's baby blankets.  Redneck.  I know.
Yesterday, the temperatures finally got above freezing.  We headed out to the park for a 10 miler.  The wind was pesky but it was nice to finally be outside running.  After 5 we stopped back at the car for a drink and GU.  Tayler read that taking a GU every 45 minutes really does help.  I had been feeling some tightness in my calf and it band area.  Unfortunately, the tightness turned to pain.  A way too familiar pain.  I stopped and stretched again.  Finally at 6.17 I surrendered to the pain.  I am praying that I stopped soon enough.  I want to be running in Austin in two weeks, not getting MRIs and doing weeks of PT. AGAIN. I can walk today but not pain free.  BUMMED.  My pace was really good yesterday, like new PR good.  I felt good.  The pain seems to come out of nowhere.  I hobbled around afterwards, iced and stretched.  The minute I got home from church this morning I changed back into pajamas.  I am going to rest, ice and finally catch up with my DVR.  We have been missing each other. 

Do you have big Superbowl plans?  Who are you cheering for?

I think I am going to skip out on the party this year and enjoy Taco Soup in my pjs.  Cheering for the Packers since they have a former Red Raider on the team and I really want them to win without Farve.   


  1. OH no. So sorry your knee/ITB was causing you pain! :(

    Enjoy some comfort foods during the Super Bowl!

  2. Glad we stopped and hopefully early enough! I just don't know what were going to do with the 3 of us... Your knee, Danielles foot (and extra curricular activities) and me falling on the ice!!! I guess were 3 peas in a pod!! :@)

  3. Oh no! Take it slow for a bit and keep thoes green beans handy .... you'll be back to 100% in no time!

  4. Do you use a foam roller? I hope you are feeling better!

  5. Hi Crystal, Oh Man, it's been a week. I hope you are doing okay. Austin next week. Yikes. Take it easy this week. I did not run ONCE three weeks prior to my race last week. And, it worked out fine.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my Blog last week. You are great.