Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashionista Friday - BLING GIVEAWAY

Well kiddos, it has been a cRaZy week.  I usually love my busy life, but I would have been ok with a little PEACE this week.  My daughter got her hair ripped out by the treadmill and she now has an old man comb over.  Thank goodness we can hide it with the rest of her hair.  I know you are dying to nominate me for Mom of the Year.  I am so deserving. 

Tayler and I are headed to the Hill Country in the morning.  My friend Donna is going to join us in running the Livestrong Half Marathon on Sunday.  We will also be doing some outlet mall shopping.  A little running, a lot of little shopping, a big steak, a hot tub and some wine.  No men, no kids, no dogs.  I can't wait to share my pics with everyone when we get back!

Now for the FASHIONISTA part of my post.  FREE JEWELRY!  I will be giving away two soldered art pendants with ribbon necklaces.  One says "beach girl" and the other says "yoga girl".

To enter
1.  Follow Bling on the Run (1 comment)
2.  Tell me if you are a "yoga girl" or a "beach girl" (1comment)
3.  Share this giveaway on your blog (1 comment)

 Winners will be chosen randomly by my kiddos and announced on Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend! 


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  2. I am both a yoga and beach girl- both are so great!

  3. I WISH I could live out "the Beach girl" maybe I could vicariously through your necklace?!