Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sums up my week in one word.  I did survive spin on Tuesday without my knee hurting.  Yesterday, Tayler and I ran at the park.  I stopped at a little over 5.5 because I was feeling that oh so familiar pain. 
Even my hair looks like a whirlwind!

Friday was a zoo because it was party day at school.  My MIL picked up the kids after school and took them for the evening.  Unexpected DATE NIGHT!    We got "dressed up" and then ended up eating at Jason's Deli.  Then we went shopping at Academy.  I debated over some new tempos and a foam roller.  I talked myself out of buying anything except GU. 

Last night we had Girl's Night at Beth's house which is really just an excuse to pig out on junk food.  There may have been wine involved, too.  We stopped at Academy on the way and Tayler bought herself new tempos for the race we are running in a week.  Once again, I couldn't decide.  I don't really need new shorts.  I don't really need to spend the money.  I walked out empty handed.  I realized two things last night while hanging out with the girls.  One, I am blessed to have such great friends.  Two, I am getting OLD.  I could have easily gone to bed at 8 pm last night. 

My husband and I aren't really holiday gift givers when it comes to each other.  More like random acts of giving or buying something for the house.  I don't care for heart shaped jewelry, boxes of chocolate, and stuffed bears.  He has been teasing me all week about buying me tacky heart shaped jewelry.  Today, I told him he could buy me new running clothes.  So we set off for Academy.  Three days.  Three trips.  The hubby is not much for shopping, but he could spend hours in Academy so he didn't complain about just being there on Friday.  I walked out with two pairs of shorts and one shirt.  I should buy stock in Nike. 

How often do you buy a new running outfit?
Every few months.  In the summer, I live in running shorts.  New running clothes usually motivate me to run.  Or maybe it is just an excuse.  Either way, I need to clean out my dresser. 

Do you wear the same thing for every race? 
 Any superstitions?
When I played competitive sports, I had a few things that I would always do the exact same way.   I am still competitive but just with myself.  So, I don't worry about making sure I have my lucky "underwear".  I just want to enjoy the run.  If that means new tempos, then SWEET!

My Valentine's present!


  1. Jealous of the new running clothes! I still might go back for the shorts. : )

  2. So glad you bought your running stuff you wanted!!! I might have to get a spray tan for my shorts! :&)