Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Texas, Bigger is Better

I got my FREE sticker in the mail.  Thanks Jim!  I promise I am trying to be GREAT at something everyday!

Jaxxon started Karate and broke a board with his foot this weekend. 

My running has been more off than on thanks to my knee/leg pain.  My relationship with Tony is on the rocks since I have been neglecting him and my p90x workouts.  Kitchen remodeling is my current excuse.  My jeans tell me I better get serious or I will be president of the Muffin Top Moms. 

I am now going to share something from my tacky sense of humor.  Only my closest friends are even aware that this side of me exists.  Please stop reading now if you are easily offended by rude, inappropriate comments about the physical appearances of complete strangers.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  I only have 16 followers and can't afford to lose anyone....please

You know how sometimes you walk into a place and you just can't quit staring at something or someone?  Well, last week...I couldn't take my eyes off of

Big, proud Texas sized hair with lots of spray, bulletproof I'm sure.  Her make up was expertly applied with the appropriate 34 layers and she was dressed in cute new nike tempos and running shoes.  I wanted so badly to follow her.  I mean, she was dressed for running and if she sweats like Tayler, then I want the after picture of her make-up.  If she had already gone for a run, then I need to know what kind of make up she wears, because none of it was out of place or missing.

I wish my profile shot would have turned out to show you that her hair was jacked up at least 7 inches off of her head with a big rats nest in the middle, but I was trying to be sly about snapping a picture of a complete stranger.  I thought about approaching her about doing an interview for my blog, but she didn't look very friendly so I passed on that thought and the chance of getting a picture of her face. 

RUDE...I know.  Maybe I'm just jealous that my hair and make-up never looks good when I run or workout. 


  1. baahahaha. this totally made my night.

    Thank you SO much for this.

  2. Yikes! I don't think she needs a bumpit! :o)

  3. Ohmigoodness, I can't believe you just showed a picture of the back of my head and ARE TALKING ABOUT ME ON YOUR BLOG!! How rude! Now you're only going to have FIFTEEN followers!!

    ha ha! Okay, so i guess you can tell from my lil pic that it's not me...You never know though! ;-)