Monday, March 14, 2011

Life without Sweet Tea

Saturday was day 1 of my life without sweet tea.  I survived.  I even survived.the stairmaster and elliptical machine without leg pain.  We took the kids to the Drive In to see Rango.  Jaxxon seemed to enjoy it, but the rest of us were not so impressed.

Sunday - No Sweet Tea Day 2....I tried running.  I was feeling pretty good until around mile 1.  I shortened my run and came home to roll on my foam roller.  I found this website that has great videos on how to stretch properly using the foam roller.  

Monday - Day 3 without sweet tea

Today, I had to run some errands.  I accidentally found these in DSW.  Madden Girl Morghan for $29.99.  Since I had taken some things back to Old Navy this morning, it was easy to justify the purchase.  On the way home, I really had to fight my car to keep it from turning into Taco Villa for a happy hour sweet tea. 

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor!  Who will Brad choose? I love my mindless TV! 

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